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Best Christian Jewelry for Women

‘Christian Jewelry’ might have stayed around for quite some time, but it is only in the recent past that the plethora of designs that we see have started existing. One of the most integral aspects of the overall evolution of Jewelry has been a tremendous increase in the types and number of designs that are now available in the market. There are many reasons for the same.

Jewelry has consistently held various types of implications for different types of individuals. Some religious cultures and sects thought that certain gemstones are divine and thus used them in prayers while others found that they had certain beneficial effects on the human body. This includes being able to heal specific ills and ailments in addition to the overall positive energy that these stones were said to emanate.

In western cultures at least until the 19th century, Jewelry was consistently viewed as a portrayal of the wearer's character and riches. In specific societies, it was even used to recognize social classes. It is just since the mid-twentieth century that the jewelry business advanced to what it is today.

These days, individuals have an immense assortment of decisions with regards to jewelry pieces. They can have pieces uniquely designed to tell a specific story or message, or may adorn it with initials and other individual etchings.

These messages and specific customizations are akin to a person’s personality, and his own ideas about who he is as an individual. At the same time, we know that Christianity is the most far-spread and common religion that people follow. Further, the overall tendency of most craftsmen in the previous century was to create feminine designs.

This made the job more difficult for men who were looking for specific pieces that could convey their faith to the world. At the same time, it simplified the other gender’s job, and made it easier for them to look for religious jewelry pieces that they could wear on an everyday basis.

Regardless, there is always a downside to a high variety of designs, which is that it becomes even more difficult to choose the one perfect one. Of course, in order to simplify your job, we have a high number of female-oriented religious jewelry designs that are beautiful enough to stand out and feature exactly the kind of symbolic images that you want, from your religious jewelry pieces.

Christian Jewelry for Women :

While there is no dearth of high-quality Christian Jewelry for women, women generally look for pieces that fulfill two aspects, apart from the basic look. Firstly, the symbolism must be apt, and should have a certain emotional or religious value. Secondly, they must be sturdy, and fit for everyday wear and use.

There are different kinds of images that these pieces have. Firstly, there are angels and archangels with flowing white wings that are said to be the intermediary between God and human beings. Further, there are a number of different kinds of crosses, birds such as the dove, along with other objects like the star and the ship, and various other symbols that can easily convey your faith to others. 

We start off with a beautiful Russian Orthodox cross necklace which is made out of the always subtle Rose Gold metal. The Russian Orthodox cross features two horizontal bars and a third tilted one, and came into prominence somewhere in the eighteenth century.

The elegant Rose gold finish allows the wearer to convey her faith in a subtle yet unique way. The piece itself is fit both for wearing alone and to combine it with other religious or other kinds of pieces. You can have a look at the image above to get a feel of the piece.


This 3d cross pendant is one of the most popular pieces that we have. It has a mesmerizing yellow gold finish which makes it stand out no matter what type of crowd or occasion it is worn to. Further, the piece is suitable to be worn alone, and perfectly complements other religious or normal jewelry pieces.


Henceforth, the piece is effectively suitable for all purposes, and does a decent job of conveying your faith to the world. What’s more, it comes with three chain options- Rolo, Cuban, or Figaro.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Miraculous Round Medal Pendant

The Lady of Guadalupe is an image associated with the Virgin Mary, whose image is commonly found in various Religious jewelry pieces. The pendant has a sparkling round medallion with an engraved image of the Lady of Guadalupe in the center. You can see the product below:


Of course, as is true for all of our jewelry pieces, the ‘Our lady of Guadalupe necklace’ is handmade in America. All our products are made from the best quality of metals, and we take great pride in our craftsmanship. You can have a look at our wide range of products on the Jewelry America website.


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