3 Contemporary Necklaces to Complement Your Stylish Look

3 Contemporary Necklaces to Complement Your Stylish Look

Mohammad Barkati ·

2021 is about to take its last breath and a new shining year called 2022 is approaching very fast. This junction period is often utilized for a positive change and transformation by everyone. The change can be anything, be it in your lifestyle, habits, or appearance, but it has to be an improvement over the last year.

Like every other year, the trend in the fashion industry started to change and if you are very much into it, you can sense it very well. In order to match the changing fashion dynamics, you as a fashion-enthusiast need to step up and up your fashion game. And, to make your job easier, here we are presenting three contemporary-looking necklaces that you must consider buying in 2022, which would ensure you have a stylish look.

14K Yellow Gold Sideways Floral Crescent Moon Necklace 

If you are planning to own something that can offer you an enhanced look everywhere, irrespective of the nature of the occasion, this 14k gold crescent moon necklace is the right choice to go with. Designed with the shape of a half-moon, this necklace brings the ultimate level of fashion and sophistication. The artistic flower imprint with net-like aesthetics in between is going to catch a lot of attention for sure. The solid structure as a whole is a popular universal symbol of femininity. Therefore, you can very well consider gifting this necklace to your loved one without any doubt.

The handcrafted necklace comes with a polished finish and helps you to improve your overall fashion quotient.

14k gold crescent moon necklace

Solid 14K White Gold Crusaders Jerusalem Cross Pendant Necklace

Who says a religious necklace can’t add value to your glamour? Take a look at this brilliant-looking Christian pendant necklace! This particular necklace embodies elegance in its truest form. If you are traveling to any place of religious importance, or events like weddings or engagements, wearing this necklace adds a lot of value. The multiple cross symbols within a larger-than-life cross will complement your style like never before.

Its white gold color will definitely help you to pair it with any gentle-looking attire. Besides, you can rightly expect to diversify your jewelry collection by adding this handcrafted jewelry piece to your wardrobe.

The necklace is available in different lengths, so you can choose one as per your requirement.

Christian pendant necklace

14K Yellow Gold Filigree Jumping Dolphin Charm Animal Pendant

Dolphins, in general, are used to represent happiness, and by wearing this stunning gold dolphin pendant you can experience the joy of living. The two-toned pendant features a couple of arches joining each other at the two extreme ends forming the shape of a dolphin. Upon noticing closely, you can find multiple appearances of the numeric “6” in the middle. 

The superior quality of 14k gold would certainly provide assured durability and therefore, you can wear it for an extended period of time.

gold dolphin pendant

Now it's time to hear from you. Which of the above three necklaces impressed you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section.