Faith Based Christian Jewelry

Faith Based Christian Jewelry

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A mysterious thought questioned by science or non-believers is "Do God exist in this universe?". Meanwhile, humanity, nature, and some unexpected things happening with people every day confirm a high-energy existence, which people believe in as God, or Allah. Even the holy books’ sacred saying reflects the ideologies and path of truth, salvation, and kindness as directed by the Almighty that conveys powerful energy above everything that guides us and protects the whole world from evil.

What is Faith?

Faith is a feeling of complete trust in someone or something, and when it links to religious importance and it becomes faith in God. The word “faith” is derived from the Latin word “feid”, which means confidence or trust in someone.

Nowadays, jewelry is a versatile solution for all the trending fashion, and when it comes to emphasizing the concept of religious jewelry making then, it holds some morals and values. In Christianity, wearing religious jewelry is a constant reminder of their faiths in God.

Why wear Christian Jewelry?

There are multiple reasons a person can wear Christian Jewelry. And when someone goes through a hard time in life they need God's blessing close to them. Some also want to wear it for showing faith towards Christianity. The idea of transformation happens through family and friends that could lead to a discussion about religious beliefs that could be best for gifting someone on their birthdays and anniversary.

How to select Christian Jewelry?

Firstly, it is all about instinct feeling that comes within, and you correspond to that specific jewelry. Eventually, there will be many questions in your mind asking why you want to wear this jewelry.

Religious Christian Jewelry gives your life journey a purpose and strength to survive. If you want to wear the Christian symbol jewelry then, you also need to understand the enigmatic meaning behind them.




The most recognizable Christian Symbol in Christianity is the Cross. It symbolizes the same cross on which Christ was crucified for humankind. In this symbol, there are two designs; the cross represents the authentic value of Christianity, and the crucifix cross represents the motif of Christ on it.

The popular type of jewelry for crosses are pendants with Rolo or Figaro chains that would help you to keep the blessing of Christ close to your heart. Apart from pendants, you can get the Cross on the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Virgin Mary

She is the mother of God and the mother of the Universe. Virgin Mary in Christianity is the epitome of motherly care and nature. Her blessing is blissful for anyone. The Virgin Mary figure is worn as pendants.

The journey of life and the mark of Anchor are mentioned in the Bible in Hebrews 6:19 in which hope is compared to an anchor's soul. Anchors represent commitment and consistency even in the troubled water or paths in life. The anchor generally resembles the ship’s anchor, which binds the ship with the shore; just like that this anchor pendant will help you be grounded to your culture.



Angels are the messenger of God, and they are the energies that protect us from evil and convey the messages of God. There is a saying that the guardian angel is watching you and taking care of you in every way. Angels are depicted as feminine characters with wings and motherly care.

The Angel motif is mostly popular as bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Even to some places, you can get your personalized touch to it.


The symbolism of resurrection due to their lifecycle as the caterpillar emerges into a beautiful butterfly with time and patience. Buttery has indirect connections to Christianity with signs of victory and life. The Butterfly figures are famous in pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.

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