Top 10 Pendant Collections for your best friend

Top 10 Pendant Collections for your best friend

Mohammad Barkati ·

Religious jewelry is the symbol of faith and trust in our almighty. Above every type of jewelry collection, you must have at your pandora box, it becomes essential to have the blessing of God close to your heart always.

The day we are born on this planet, and as we go on to have several beliefs, we try to figure out the purpose of life. The dream and its manifestation depend on the hard work that you put in to achieve the milestone.

The Law of Action is an integral part of progress, and it is impactful with the Law of Karma that talks about your actions for someone else. In simple words, what you do for others, you will get for yourself. It is applicable in both good and bad karma.

Eventually, being in the 21st century, it is usual that when you begin to read an old testament, you tend to disbelieve in some of the thoughts. Nevertheless, you cannot completely ignore the credibility of the thoughts written several years ago to replenish mankind.

One of those thoughts is wearing religious jewelry for your protection. When you are a kid, your parents give you lessons from the Bible and take you to church every Sunday. So, you can have a religious touch in your heart and believe in the magical blessing of God. This parental cycle goes on forever.

As it is said, “One God, One Religion, and One Life”

Religion must always procure secularism, and divine spiritualism does not need division.

Spiritualism and Religion consolidate together to form the peaceful nature of humanity. Thus, to be in touch with the values becomes highly valuable and essential. It is well-known jewelry is a fashionable accessory but using it in the form of religious segments makes all the difference.

The universal tool of spreading love is being under the umbrella of togetherness. In this umbrella, we have our family and friends. To give them the epitome of your presence, you can give them Religious Jewelry.

Why is it significant to give religious jewelry to loved ones?

The significance of religious jewelry is tremendous as it protects the wearer from negative influence and brings prosperity in life. There is a variety of religious jewelry present in the list, but some of them with the direct significance of Jesus is a true blessing.

Mostly, Christian people have believed that religious jewelry keeps the bad omen and instincts away from them. Wherein it also promotes positivity in mind, body, and soul.

While giving it to your loved ones will be the idea. For that purpose, we have our extensive options of designer Religious Jewelry at Jewelry America. If we research and get the exquisite pieces for you, then space here would be less. Therefore, with our best options according to the top and trending jewelry, we have got the 10 best Religious Jewelry pendants for you.

Gold Angel Wing Pendant

Angel wing is a very holy and important symbol, which gives a pragmatic approach to your makeover. This gold angel wing pendant symbolizes purity, authenticity, protection, love, courage, and harmony. The angels are the messengers of God, which provide us hope and faith to live. It is also believed everyone has a guardian angel for their protection.


Russian Orthodox Cross Necklace

In the 16th century, the russian orthodox cross necklace originated. The orthodox cross necklace portrays the unique division of thoughts and perceptions in humans. It features one ascending cross symbolizing the magical path and one descending cross indicating the way to painful hell. The rose tone of the necklace gives a charismatic appearance to it.


Gold Tree of Life Pendant

The tree of life pendant is inspired by the structure of the Bodhi tree; under which Lord Buddha was enlightened with the knowledge of spirituality. The Tree of Life charm is also a sign of facing the ups and downs of life and inspires you to fight until the last breath. This 14k gold tree of life pendant necklace features the leaves with a glossy rhodium finish and it comes with a cable, Cuban, or Figaro chain. 


14k Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

The crescent moon is darling in the sky with its beauty, grace, and elegance. The 14k gold crescent moon necklace features exquisite flower motifs in a design pattern giving the unique net like structure. The Gold Crescent Moon Necklace represents the universal graceful white energy that enlightens people with hope and love at the darkest hours.


              14k gold crescent moon necklace

American Eagle Necklace

The animal pendant necklace is a symbol of hidden instincts. The American eagle necklace features a gold soaring eagle. The eye-catching factor is the American Eagle minute artwork and designed wings. The design is the classical combination of spirituality and art. The American eagle necklace signifies strength, power, and bravery. Eagle is a strong bird in the animal kingdom and its strength is unbeatable. The American Eagle necklace encourages you to keep on fighting for your dreams and get what you deserve in life. The necklace is available in a Figaro chain.


Jesus Head Pendants

The Jesus head pendants signifies the universal love of God for mankind. Jesus is an embodiment of love, positivity, and happiness. It also reminds us to remain kind and polite in life to conduct welfare in society. The Jesus Head Pendants feature the richness of smooth and stunning gold finish. The face of Jesus consists of a glossy yellow finish with a dainty gold Cuban concave chain. 


                              Jesus head pendants

Guardian Angel Pendant Gold

The guardian angel pendant gold is the portrayal of true innocence and spirituality. Angles are considered as the messenger of god and a protecting symbol of love, kindness, and hope. The angel pendant is cute and is available in 14k yellow gold in a stunning high polished sparkle cut finish for a charming effect on the look.


Virgin Mary Charm

The virgin mary charm necklace is a portrayal of the holy mother. As the mother cares for the child, in the same way the Virgin Mary charm gives blessing and protects the wearer in difficult times. The mother mary chain comes in a cable, Cuban and a Figaro chain.

               Virgin Mary Charm

Rose Gold Cross Pendant

The cross signifies the justice and redemption of Jesus' passion and death. In both ways, the sign inculcates the faith in Jesus. It is a blessing to be given to your loved ones that would remind you of you always. The rose tone cross is polished with a stunning gold finish. The rose gold cross pendant plain and simple for minimalistic styling with the touch of faith in it.

                 Rose Gold Cross Pendant

There is no perfect time to devote yourself to spirituality because it is only a moment of change that brings a difference in your perspective of life. Religious Jewelry is the best gift for your best friend and it will rejuvenate your friendship with utmost love and care. If you want to explore more jewelry options, then you must visit our online store at Jewelry America.