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Gold Zodiac Jewelry : Pendants and Necklaces

Famous jewelry stylist Brooke Gregson said that Astrology creates a personal connection between the Jewel and its wearer. According to an article in the New York Times, Astrology could be the next big thing in venture capital. The practice of believing in horoscope and zodiac signs to bring good fortune, health, wealth, and success, got hype from the ’60s and ’70s. At that moment people were so stressed about the political and social nuisance that they looked upon the stars to bring peace and harmony.

Making horoscopes, wearing birthstones and several rings to sort out the difficult situations is still seen in this rat race of urbanization. These alluring pieces of Zodiac jewelry help the person to curate a distinctive look and also this could be an ideal gift for your loved ones. Zodiac sign and astrology has such a deep impact on people’s lifestyle that, in some families, they have the culture to wear specifically designed ornaments.

Earlier these pieces of jewelry were a bit heavy and not wearable with every outfit. But in Jewelry America you can get a wide range of Gold Zodiac Jewelry, which are simple, attractive, and wearable with any attire.

Gold Libra pendant:

This solid gold Libra horoscope medallion pendant is manufactured in the USA and features an encircled weighing machine. This pendant strikes a great color contrast. Libras are an admirer of intellectualism and connoisseurship. They always try to maintain equilibrium in their lives. Libras are idealistic and natural peacemakers.

Gold Taurus pendant

This is the second zodiac sign. The character of a Taurus can be compared with a dark horse. This jewelry piece signifies the determined and practical mind of Taurus. Taurus is famous for its stubbornness. They always seek luxury, comfort, and beauty. But on the other side, they are the most affectionate, reliable, and patient character.

Aquarius pendants

The traits of Aquarius are generally unusual and that is what differentiates an Aquarius man/woman from others. The Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which symbolizes technology and innovation. Free-spirit, eccentricity is an integral part of being an Aquarius. This solid gold handmade Aquarius pendant will make your mates curious about your personality.

 Sagittarius gold pendant

A Sagittarius is known for its strong mind and romanticism. The sign of Sagittarius features a man with an arrow and bow. This symbolizes the spirit of a fighter. Sagittarius is very opinionated and optimistic about everything. They have a good sense of humor but also are very obsessive about their freedom and privacy.

Leo zodiac sign necklace

Leo is considered as the strongest zodiac sign in Astrology. For a Leo family and friends are more important than materialistic things. The king of the beast, Lion is the sign of a Leo, which signifies Leo’s consistency and determination. This stunning pendant has a contrast in texture and color. The detailing work with white gold gives a shimmery touch to this jewelry piece.

Gemini gold pendant

The Gemini twin here signifies both the sides of a person. Gemini is a social butterfly. Be it a dinner party, dance floor, or a formal conference these witty twins can make a good bond with anyone. Gemini is expressive, versatile, and youthful.

Scorpio symbol necklace

After Leo, Scorpio is considered the second strongest zodiac sign. Scorpions are very passionate and attract the opposite gender a lot. A Scorpio’s strategic mind is the key to their success. A Scorpio is very curious about everything. Messing up with Scorpio’s could land you in a difficult situation.

Cancer zodiac sign jewelry

A Cancerian is famous for being emotional fools. They are very caring and sensitive. They look for stability and security in life. On the other side, they are goofy and have a hidden sense of humor which everyone cannot get through. Cancer is very picky and prefers to remain in a close friend circle.

Aries gold pendant

Like their fellow mates, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is also very determined and holds a strong persona. With excellent leadership qualities, they can run any bigger or smaller team successfully. Aries are generally peace lovers, they hate to get involved in an unnecessary nuisance.

Capricorn pendant

This solid gold pendant represents the tenth zodiac sign. Capricorns are a bit introverted. Like Cancer, they also prefer to be in a particular group. They are known as workaholics and ambitious. They are sensitive but the pessimistic nature of a Capricorn could be a problem for others.

Pisces pendant

The Pisces zodiac pendant features two fishes, interconnected with each other forming a resembling arch. This water sign is emotional and sympathetic to others. Sometimes a Pisces can be vague but they can solve any problem with their compassion.

Virgo necklace

This handcrafted gold pendant features a portrayal of a girl. This sign is a fan of applying logic. They have an organized approach to life. Virgo believes in constant learning and can easily adapt to any skill. Virgos are hardworking but over thinkers.

The zodiac sign jewelry works as a light of hope in a dark cave. The era of the 1960-70s has been called the “Age of Aquarius”. The jewelry houses in the fashion capital, Paris also inhibited this booming culture of spirituality by creating some gold pendants, depicting the zodiac signs. Gold Zodiac Jewelry is the most unique form of depicting your personality. Zodiac pendants could be the best way to define your inner soul.


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