Unisex Jewelry: An Emerging Trend of 2022 and Beyond

Unisex Jewelry: An Emerging Trend of 2022 and Beyond

Mohammad Barkati ·

Of late, the market has witnessed an unprecedented craze around multiple fresh jewelry segments, including the unisex ornaments. The expansion of the online jewelry market and the availability of a number of new jewelry types are said to be the major factors driving this ongoing trend. Besides, the fundamental understanding of general buyers has been much more concrete these days. It’s an absolute pleasure to see buyers are now prioritizing the practicality of a jewelry piece rather than taking superficial decisions. Unisex jewelry is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. So, here, we are presenting you our three magnificent unisex ornaments that you may consider buying in 2022 and beyond.

1. 14k Yellow Gold Beveled Edge Classic Cross Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

The cross pendant has been a popular choice for a large number of buyers for quite some time. Both men and women prefer to include a cross pendant in their day-to-day attire. The cross symbolizes your faith and protects you from evil forces around you. However, the majority of buyers wear the cross pendant as a fashion accessory. It's simple look provides you with an elegant look and the sturdy aesthetics bring the durability factor.

This handmade solid gold unisex cross necklace adds a new-fashioned layer to this ancient religious symbol. The combination of 14k yellow gold and sparkling cubic zirconia offers a brilliant look, which will certainly catch the attention of your vicinity. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the rich array of sparkles produced by the cubic zirconia stones present on the surface of this pendant.

2. 14k Yellow Gold Textured Round Elegant Two Tone Tree of Life Medallion Pendant

If you are planning to buy something unique yet elegant, this tree of life jewelry is an ideal choice to go with. You can pair this medallion pendant with any of your casual attire and wear it on a daily basis. Whether it is a yearly vacation or a weekend coffee date, this tree of life pendant is always going to complement your overall fashion. The highly polished sparkle cut with rhodium finish makes this pendant a must-buy for all the new-generation fashion enthusiasts. Besides, the two-tone look is only going to add to its exquisiteness, providing a brilliant view.  Its unique out-of-the-box look will make your surroundings for sure and force them to appreciate your choice of jewelry. Both men and women can very well add this stunning pendant to their jewelry collection embracing an enhanced fashion. 

3. 14K Yellow Gold Large Star of David Pendant with High Polish

The Star of David pendant has been a crowd puller for quite some time. This star of david necklace pendant is an excellent product to gift to your loved one. In fact, thanks to the unisex nature of this ornament, you can consider passing it to the next generation as a family heirloom. The product is completely made in the USA and comes with a free gift box.

Which one of the above-mentioned unisex ornaments impressed you the most. Let everyone know by writing down your thoughts in the comment section below.