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Religious Inspirational Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.

Spiritualism, symbolism, faith, religion, and jewelry-all the terminologies are somehow interconnected. Religious Jewelry is a form of art that expresses your respect and dedication towards your religion, heritage, and culture. Modern stylish religious jewelry has a strong connection with our ancient civilizations. It is a trademark of our historic and prestigious culture.

But in this whole process and manufacturing and evolution of Religious Jewelry, we always tend to miss out on one part which is “Where do the ideas come from?” In ancient times people used to take inspiration from the elements of this bountiful nature. The designs, style, and texture were not so smooth and easy to carry like today, because they believed that “Imperfection is the new perfection.” Be it painting, jewelry, or any other form of creative art, we have always taken inspiration from natural elements like twigs, feathers, rocks, stones, leaves, etc.

At the dawn of human civilization, people used to worship nature as God. So the Inspirational religious jewelry featuring natural components was widely admired by both men and women. From celestial to the mystical to oriental traditions the value and definition of religious inspirational jewelry had always kept changing.

This particular kind of jewelry says a lot about your inner personality. Its uniqueness can make you the trendsetter of the party. From gold, diamonds to expensive gems and stones, there is no shortage of variation in Inspirational Religious Jewelry regardless of your belief. Be it Christian, Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, or any other kind of religious ornaments, in Jewelry America you can get a wide range of variety along with several sizes, prices, and designs.

Our lady of guadalupe pendant

When you see this particular pendant, what is the obvious thing that you will notice first? The picture of Lady of Guadalupe, or as we call her “Mother Mary.” Catholicism is all about expressing your respect and love to God. This hand-sketched Medallion illustration of the Holy Mary reflects the prestigious culture of Catholicism. Considering the religious value this pendant could also be worn as a sign of protection from bad omen or maybe as a blessing of God. The exquisite and stunning finish of this Pendant will help to elevate your daily boring look. The pendant is lightweight enough to use on a daily basis and handcrafted in the USA.

Virgin mary necklace

This pendant is considered as a holy symbol in the catholic. The Pendant features the portrait of Mother Mary, mother of Lord Jesus, opening her arms engraved with “O MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE OF THEE” in English. At the back of the pendant the 12 stars are representing the 12 Apostles, and the cross on top represents the cross of redemption.

Gold jesus face pendant

If you want to be a little experimental regarding your look and also want to take a short detour from the orthodox styles you can use this handcrafted Gold Jesus pendant. Due to the light weight it could go with any kind of traditional, casual, or formal outfit. This handmade savior pendant features the face of Lord Jesus with diamond cut style design and Satin finish. Therefore the combination of even and uneven texture makes it look unique from other designs. 

Two tone cross necklace

Are you a fan of color contrast? But still, wearing that same gold chain regularly? Well, when there is a will, there is a way. In Jewelry America we tend to break the stereotypes and help you create your style statements. This solid gold Cuban necklace reminds us of the moment of sacrifice. It features a deity of crucified Jesus. The polished finish and the color contrast has made this pendant so unique that you can bear this with any type of clothing at any event.

Gold angel wing pendant

This particular pendant gives a pleasant and simple look to anyone. This piece of jewelry features a solid gold open style angel wing. The Christian culture is clearly reflected in this jewelry. It is worn as a sign of positivity, happiness, good fortune and protection.

Inspirational Religious Jewelry is considered the oldest form of representation of faith. Many families also have the practice of wearing a particular ring to maintain their legacy amongst the future generation. From selecting a birthstone to adding a special bible verse there are endless ways to add individuality to religious inspirational jewelry. From diamond to gemstones to petite each religious jewelry is having their moment as the trendsetter in the market.


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