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Wear Your Spirit Animal and Wild Bird Jewelry With Pride

We all somehow relate to characteristic traits of particular animals; and eventually, they are called our “spirit animals”. The culture of deciding spirit animals refers to a guideline for bringing good luck and prosperity in life. Also according to few cultures, the Gold Animal Pendant embodies protection from negativities through any journey. The origin of spirit came from Native America when Pagan and Wiccan spirituality adopted this trend in 1990. In the mid-2000s the urge for spirit animal jewelry took a drastic turn.

Now the question arises how this is decided? Well, first and foremost is the behavior. Maybe funnily, but if a person is too lazy and only loves to eat and sloth for the whole day, we call him/her a panda. If a person is wise, clever or maybe he is a little more productive at night, then he/she is called an “owl”/”night owls”. But while deciding your spirit animal it should be taken care of that there is no chance of biases, ignorance, mockery, or any kind of insult to traditional beliefs.

Sometimes in exceptional cases, you don’t choose a spirit animal, but a spirit animal chooses you. Also, it is a complete pre-conceived notion that you can’t have more than one spirit animal. Spirit animals could also be detected when you are at your subconscious mind; maybe when you are meditating or dreaming. There are several ways to detect your spirit animal; sometimes you need to spend time with yourself and examine your behavior or else spending time in the laps of lush green nature and noticing the fauna could be another convenient way to decide your spirit animal.

Here are some other ideas to detect your spirit animals:

· Pay attention to wildlife behavior

· Focus on the unusual behavior of animals; sometimes your spirit animal also tries to grab the attention

· Maybe physically, virtually, or symbolically try to do more interactions with animals

· Meditate with general intention

· Be attentive to your subconscious mind and try to gain more focus

· Create a space to relax and try to visualize

In Jewelry America we have a plethora of versatile designs for spirit animal and wild bird jewelry, which is gonna be the final destination for your everlasting quest.

Gold Dolphin Pendant

Dolphin is a very positive and powerful spirit totem. As a spirit animal Dolphin pronounces the power of unity and liveliness. Dolphin totem teaches us about self-love and spreading happiness within the community. As a spirit animal Dolphin is famous for grace, intelligence, and diving deep into the water of emotions. As a spirit animal Dolphin primarily indicates harmony, love, innocence, virtue, and humor. This 14k gold dolphin pendant features two arcs forming the shape of a filigree dolphin and the body is filled with several “6” numerical with a touch of rhodium.

Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace

The elephant as a spirit animal is the wisest and most gentle one. It strengthens focus, power, and determination. An elephant is also considered a sacred symbol of feminism. Elephant guides us towards a deeper understanding of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. As a spirit animal Elephant makes you a constant learner. This 14k gold elephant necklace comes with a cable, curb, or Figaro chain. This elephant pendant features the shape of an elephant with a tinge of rhodium finish.

Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace

Turtle justifies that famous phrase “slow and steady wins the race.” A turtle is also known as a symbol of long life. Turtle as a spirit totem animal tells you to be loyal to your loved ones. In many cultures, turtles are signified as a sign of resoluteness and peace. This 14k gold sea turtle pendant features a hollow shape of a turtle and the center is embellished with a tinge of shimmer. This pendant could be used as your lucky charm, especially if you are facing obstacles to build the life path.

American Eagle Necklace

The 14k gold eagle pendant is an image of a warrior and survivor. There is a story that when Eagle gets old, it goes to a mountain or any quiet place and tries to rejuvenate its power, skin, and strength. That quiet moment is the beginning of a new battle. Compared to our lives, we also have to fight till the last breath. So this soaring American eagle charm pendant could work as your energy booster. The noticeable thing about this gold pendant is minute detail work on the wings. The artwork, the contours, the shine overall delivers strong, powerful, and positive attributes.

Gold Fish Pendant

As a spirit animal fish is a symbol of faith, sensitivity, and intuition. In the water a fish has absolutely no fixed destination, it just swims around according to its wish. Well, the main forte of a person, born with a fish spirit animal, resurrect freedom, independence, and savagery. Equilibrium, survival, acceptance, and also finding a way to live are some other important characteristics of a person with a fish spirit animal. This 14k goldfish pendant features a satin yellow gold polish with a subtle hint of rhodium. The bold contours on the fins, tails, and the detailed artwork on the scale are the attractive factor in this pendant.

A spirit animal is about feeling about yourself and realizing your inner persona. If you are still confused about your spirit animal, be thankful for the technology which has brought numerous quizzes and predictions all over the internet. So hurry up, decide your spirit animal and grab your favorite jewelry on our Jewelry America, official website.


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