Celtic cross jewelry for men

Celtic cross jewelry for men

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Nowadays, there are various different types of symbols and images that are actively used in religious jewelry pieces. These include specific images of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, or one of the variety of Christian crosses that are especially popular among jewelry appreciators who are religious.

As per a popular legend, the Celtic Cross was introduced and developed by St Patrick when he was converting the agnostics in Ireland to Christianity. Others are sure of the fact that it is St Declan, who a few hundred years later who instead came up with the cross.

It has been said that St Patrick made the Celtic cross a symbol of how even agnostic people who do not believe in god can be shown the truth. The significance of the cross lies not only in its history, but its symbolism as well. A further story in Christianity suggests something vastly different.

It seems very improbable, but the enduring Celtic Cross is sometimes said to have originated from Ancient Greece. Most Christian recognize the Celtic cross as an Irish phenomenon that began somewhere in the 16th century.

“The symbolism of the Celtic cross is indicative of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life. The arms of the cross offer four ways to ascension, an invitation to objectively know nature, wisdom, god/goddess, and the self.”

In the mid-19th century, a Celtic revival led to an increased use of the ringed cross in Ireland, and the Celtic Cross became not only a religious symbol but an emblem of Celtic identity. This means that the Celtic Cross is not merely a Religious symbol. It is an emblem which reminds people of their origin, and is worn proudly even today. The circles around the intersection of the cross represents unification, totality, wholeness and inclusion. Further, there are quite a few different types of ancient celtic jewelry that perfectly combines the symbolism with beautiful jewelry designs that are unique and totally handmade.

gold celtic cross

At Jewelry America, we have a large range of celtic cross irish jewelry that is suitable for both the genders. All our products are handcrafted, made in the USA, and use only 100% natural metals and gemstones. Further, we take great pride in the quality of our craftsmanship, and have a large consumer base who keeps on returning. In this article, we will look at probably the best piece that you can find in men's gold celtic cross jewelry.

14k gold celtic cross pendant

14k gold celtic cross pendant

This celtic cross pendant for men features four specific religious images apart from the overall celtic cross. The medallion is divided into four neat slabs that each have a specific image of a Christian priest. The piece has a unique slanted shape, and the images are made of solid sparkling silver that adds to the overall visual value of the piece.

Further, the Celtic Cross pendant is suitable for both the genders, and has a stunning polished finish with a concave curb chain. Overall, the 14k Celtic Cross pendant is one of the most authentic celtic cross jewelry pieces that you can find in the market today! Further, the solid 14k gold along with the stunning polished finish lends a magnificent shine to the entire piece. As usual, each piece comes with a free gift box and is 100% Made in the USA.