Virgin Mary Miraculous Medallion Jewelry : Pendants and Necklaces

Virgin Mary Miraculous Medallion Jewelry : Pendants and Necklaces

Mohammad Barkati ·

One of the most common symbols/images in Western Christianity is that of the Virgin Mary. Unlike some of the other important symbols of Christianity, Virgin Mary was a mere woman chosen by God himself to carry his son.

Virgin Mary is the symbol of hope, love, kindness and motherhood as far as Western Christianity is concerned. When it comes to Religious jewelry, pieces that have the Virgin Mary are some of the most popular and common ones that you can find on the internet.

There are innumerable types of religious jewelry pieces that have the Virgin Mary as a symbol. Of them, perhaps the most common are the pendants, as this type of jewelry can easily feature images that can attract attention regardless of the overall setting of the jewelry and the accompanying attire.

These pendants and necklaces have some of the best and creatively created designs that are made keeping in mind the best combination of ‘over the top’ traditional aspects and modern design aspects that can help people in two ways.

First and foremost, wearing such Virgin Mary pendants and necklaces is highly beneficial for people looking for an easy way to convey their faith and love for the almighty God. Virgin Mary is the mother of God, and she lends a sense of calm and composure, making people feel protected from evil and all other unwanted aspects of the world.

Of course, when it comes to Religious jewelry, there are a couple of other things that must be kept in mind. Firstly, buying from proper sources is highly recommended. These pieces are often made with very detailed images of God engraved upon them, and are therefore very difficult to produce.

At the Jewelry America website, we have some of the best religious jewelry pieces that successfully combine certain old school ‘over the top’ features with a modern sophisticated twist making the pieces suitable for a vast range of occasions and uses.

In this article, we look at two such religious jewelry Virgin Mary pendants that successfully fulfil all the conditions above and have a design which is sure to bring you attention regardless of the type of crowd that you mingle with.

Virgin Mary pendant

The Virgin Mary medallion pendant has a very intricate Virgin Mary image engraved in solid 14k gold and a rather famous message engraved on the border in multiple languages. There are various legends and forms that Virgin Mary has taken in the history of Western Christianity.

Virgin Mary pendant

She is the most famous female image, and is considered vastly important to the overall religion. What’s more, apart from the highly polished solid 14k gold, the pendant also has three different kinds of chain styles that it comes with: Cuban, Figaro and Cable.

Of course, these other aspects of the Virgin Mary medallion pendant ensures that the overall pieces have the perfect balance of the modern and the ‘traditional’. While the imagery, the text and the overall religious aspects of the piece are as profound as they can be, there are other design elements that make the pieces suitable for all kinds of occasions and accompanying jewelry.

The Virgin mary pendant is one of the best Religious Jewelry pieces that we have, and can be worn anywhere, regardless of occasion and crowd. The Virgin mary pendant has proved consistently popular among customers over the past few months.

Gold orthodox cross pendant

Secondly, we have the gold cross pendant which combines multiple religiously profound images to create a very beautiful overall design that has not one or two, but three symbols of religious importance, as far as Western Christians are concerned.

Virgin Mary orthodox cross pendant

The piece features multiple images of Christian Saints along with a central Jesus Christ image, with the Virgin Mary looking down at him with adoration and love. The piece pretty much paints a story of itself, and has the symbolic cross to top it all off.

14k gold virgin mary pendant

The Virgin Mary pendants portrays the holy spirit of Mother Mary. The hand sketched medallion is engraved with “O MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE” in English. The classic contrast of textures make the wearer’s aura much higher. At the back the pendant is engraved with two hearts i.e. sacred heart and immaculate heart and the M signifies Mother Mary. This virgin Mary pendant has a valuable place in the history of Christianity and it also helps people to save them from the negative energies.

14k Gold Virgin Mary Pendant

Gold Cross Necklace with Jesus Pendant

This gold cross necklace is an improvised version of the typical orthodox cross. This time if you want to convert your fashion sense, become a pro from a noob, then nothing could be more conventional for you than this gold cross necklace, This pendant helps you go experimental with outfits. This cross necklace features the portrayal of Mother Mary holding Jesus at her holy arms and at the four rounded edges the picturization of saints are engraved. All over the classic combination of white and yellow gold can’t stay quiet without showing the magic. 

Gold Cross Necklace With Jesus Pendant

Overall, the Gold orthodox cross pendant is our most intricate religious jewelry pendant and has registered impressive sales for a long period of time now. As always, each of the pieces that you see on the Jewelry America website are all 100% handmade, are made using the best quality metals and 100% natural stones, and are made and manufactured entirely in the USA.