Religious Gold Jewelry for Men and Women

Religious Gold Jewelry for Men and Women

Mohammad Barkati ·

Jewelry, spiritualism, symbolism, religion, culture- all of the terminologies together share an imperishable bond. Religious gold jewelry is not only a form of expression of faith and belief but also a new art and way of depicting your style statement. Religious pendants often work like killing two birds with one arrow, first of all, it restores belief, hope, and positivity in your mind; and secondly, it gives a gorgeous and elegant dimension to your regular and boring wardrobe.

World civilization is a bigger asset than religious pendants had played an important role. Earlier people used to worship bountiful and natural elements such as God and they used to take inspiration from twigs, feathers, rocks, leaves, etc. Modern and stylish religious pendants are a trademark of our prestigious culture, rather we can say that it is a better and modified version of what our ancestors had created.

In recent times there has been so much reformation in the ethnicity of design and style, but eventually it became a part of a trend, because as we know “Imperfection is the new perfection.” From celestial to mystical traditions the definition and value of Christian gold jewelry have kept changing. Earlier Christian jewelry was mainly referred to as crosses, rosaries, and crucifixes. There is a storm of controversies when it comes to the innovation of the holy cross.

The Christian gold pendant originated from the 2nd Century when a Tertullian church father described the cross as a sign of Christian devotion. Again in the 3rd century, St. Clement of Alexandria described it as a blessing of the Lord whereas in the 4th century St. Paulinus of Nola expressed this as a sacred symbol of both passion and protection. Archaeologists found evidence of using solid gold cross pendants in Roman and Egyptian culture, near about the 5th and 6th centuries. Era by era the value and value of the holy cross have been evolved. Now, these cross pendants have become more like a style statement for all the fashion fanatics worldwide.

Religious pendant necklaces convey a lot about your inner personality. It was believed that before the Christianization in Rome Christians used to wear Crosses and crucifixes to overcome the struggle for surviving. According to some theories earlier it was inappropriate to wear crucifixes because it somehow reminds us of a moment of betrayal and cruelty and also it is a sign of the holy sacrifice for the sake of humanity.

Be it men or women gold jewelry always has particular control over people’s sentiments. A small gold ring or a stylish cross necklace can give your daily attire an aristocratic touch. Recently the world-famous rappers, punks, singers, actors are also seen wearing a variety of jewelry, especially solid gold cross pendants for men. In the recent era, men generally aim for a fine-drawn look.

In Jewelry America, we have a plethora of innovative designs for religious pendants, which provides a subtle and classic look.

Two-tone cross pendant

A Trefoil cross is generally referred to as a white cross with an end, shaped like knobs or buttons. The color contrast here strikes perfect equality between fineness and aristocracy. The 14k gold pendant features the modified portrayal of crucifixion made with white gold and attached to a dangling yellow gold cross. This finely crafted rhodium finished pendant tells the story of humanity and also elevates the glamour of your attire.

Two-Tone Cross Pendant


Yellow gold crescent moon necklace

The serene elements of the universe are a great inspiration for religious gold jewelry. Moon is generally considered as a feminine symbol, which depicts the idea of empowerment in subtlety. This 14k gold moon pendant features two arcs form the shape of a moon. Especially the net-like formation with flower imprints is like a masterstroke on your daily attire.

 Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

Gold Jerusalem cross

The handcrafted Satin polished Jerusalem pendant depicts the rich and prestigious Jewish culture. The five-fold 14k gold cross is the symbol of the five wounds of Jesus. The Jerusalem cross features one big golden cross and on four sides there are small crosses. The Jerusalem cross has a rhodium finish, glimmering texture and at the back, it is scripted with “Jerusalem”, which makes the pendant worth wearing on both sides.

Gold Jerusalem Cross


Gold Christian cross

Endless dedication, timeless beauty, exquisite craftsmanship, intricate design- this is what makes this open Christian cross worth-wearing for thousands of times. The 14k gold handcrafted pendant features a shiny circle with a cross-cut design. The outer row of the circle is designed with small circles. This finely crafted medallion also could be worn on both sides.

Gold Christian Cross


Crusader cross pendant

The crusader cross signifies the Jewish culture. The white gold five fold cross indicates the five wounds of Lord Jesus. The shiny texture and the breathtaking design will look gorgeous with any attire.

Crusader Cross Pendant


Christian gold cross pendant

What is fusion? It is a mixture of tradition and trends. So with your modern formal attire, a little bit of stereotype won’t be bad at all. This orthodox cross pendant features a net-like texture, and it has a blunt edge on all four sides.

Christian Gold Cross Pendant