Top 5 Unisex Pendants and Necklaces

Top 5 Unisex Pendants and Necklaces

Mohammad Barkati ·

Gone are those days, when there were some preconceived notions about men's and women's fashion. Thankfully, the usage of accessories and jewelry is no more a part of gender discrimination. In recent times, be it men or women, everyone’s sentiments are controlled by alluring and expensive pieces of jewelry.

In the usage of unisex jewelry, we can consider a recent example at BRIT awards, where Harry Styles paired up his plum-colored suit and lilac jumper with matching nail paint and a lucid pearl necklace. Well, surprisingly pearl strings manipulated the wardrobes of people like Shawn Mendes and the Jonas Brothers at the recent Grammy Awards.

Today’s era is on the wheels of evolution. People’s perceptions, technology, society, and system, everything is facing turmoil. Jewelry is also not an exception. Indeed, unisex jewelry is not a new concept, but the year 2020 had witnessed the usage of unisex jewelry as something more than just a trend. Now the people’s attitude towards unisex jewelry is pretty positive, and after removing the gender issue this category pops up as a mirror of change and acceptance in society.

It’s 2021, today jewelry is no longer a symbol of femininity, but more than that it became a sign of empowerment and individuality. The big brands in the fashion capital, Paris have invested in the idea of manufacturing gender-ambiguous pieces, which will take their brand image to a higher level. From minimalistic earrings, statement pendants to alluring cuffs and exclusive finger rings, there is an array of versatility that is even beyond our imagination.

In fact, for a change now women are wearing more masculine things and men are keener to wear feminine colors and vibrant colors. Even if we talk about a big collection like Gucci, 2018 collection or celebrated fashion weeks like “Milan fashion week” or “Paris fashion week” we will witness a drastic change in the choice of jewelry for both men and women.

Piercing became more common for men more than women. When it comes to sorting out problems, everyone looks for something which restores hope and faith in them. And that is why men are also eager to wear religious pendants, which will elevate their fashion game and also bring positivity in life.

We have always believed in breaking the stereotypes of this orthodox society and make our perceptions free from the captivation of superstitions and prejudices. And that is why Jewelry America is here with its exclusive and assorted range of tantalizing and delightful unisex jewelry.

 Two-tone cross necklace

Trefoil crosses are referred to as a cross, whose end is designed and furnished with knobs or buttons. Sometimes it is also called a trefly. The striking contours and the color contrast of white and yellow gold are the USP of this dangling pendant. This 14k gold pendant features the portrayal of crucified Jesus, attached on a glossy holy cross. No matter who wears this piece, it will make you the showstopper.

  Two-Tone Cross Necklace


14K Yellow Gold Twisted Love Knot Stud

Uplifting your fashion sense with voguish and contemporary jewelry is not a new thing amongst the youth. But still, you can be unique in the common, all it takes to make the right choice. This 14k gold love knot jewelry features a dangling twisted rope design, which eventually forms a love knot. Earlier this kind of jewelry was considered for women, but now men are also eager for ear piercing and a fascinating piece like this will give their face another level of glamour and elegance.

14K Yellow Gold Twisted Love Knot Stud

Our lady of Guadalupe pendant

The handcrafted 14k gold pendant features an illustrating and polished sketch of Lady Guadalupe. The lady of Guadalupe medallion represents the concept of faith and identity. The portrayal of mother Mary engraved on the pendant is related to feminism, and especially the delightful face of motherhood. This pendant is perfect if you and your partner are expecting a baby. Not necessarily your lady love, but also you can wear this pendant as a sign of celebrating piousness and parenthood.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant


Gold tree of life pendant

Tree of life pendants are a perfect example of fusion fashion. Because on one side, it has a modern and upgraded design, but the value of the symbol stays connected to your roots. The tree of life symbolizes valuable concepts like a circle of life, the importance of knowing about your ancestors and culture. Also, the tree indicates the famous Bodhi tree, which is responsible for the great Buddha’s enlightenment about knowledge and spirituality.

Gold Tree of Life Pendant


14K Yellow Gold Filigree Jumping Dolphin Charm Animal Pendant

This 14k gold jumping dolphin jewelry is an ecstatic unisex jewelry piece, not because of the color but for its detailed artwork. The jewelry consists of symmetrical arcs, which form the body shape of a Dolphin. If Dolphin is diving as your spirit animal that means you have to learn about self-love. If a dolphin is your spirit animal then you should be a “pro” at communication and building community, no matter wherever you go.

14K Yellow Gold Filigree Jumping Dolphin Charm Animal Pendant