The History and Significance of Tree of Life Jewelry

The History and Significance of Tree of Life Jewelry

Mohammad Barkati ·

Since the ancient and historic era of Vedic, Mayans, and Aztecs the tree of life symbol has been popular and for centuries there is no sign of declining popularity. From Chinese, Egyptians to Germanic paganism and Mesoamerica, the tree of life jewelry has held a special and spiritual value at its core. The symbol itself generates an inspiring, positive and tranquil energy that helps us to stay grounded and calms down all our agitation. This universal symbol kind of connects the religious and communal beliefs. Even while depicting in different contexts the charm, and aura of a tree of life pendant necklace remains the same.

The tree of life is considered to be a tree that gives you a fruitful result to be happy eternally. The imagery of a tree of life is given the shape of a big tree with roots and branches going up and down. Every part of this tree of life sign bears a valuable message; the roots are for the glory that our ancestors established, the body and knots represent our present situation and the fruit is a message for our bright future. In Chinese Mythology the essence of the tree of life is depicted through a phoenix and a dragon, who symbolizes immortality. The Assyrian Tree of Life is portrayed through several nodes and criss-cross lines; which has an integral religious aspect in attending the eagle-headed Gods and Priests.

According to Taoism, the tree of life produces a peach every thousand years, and the person who consumes the fruit gets to the pinnacle of success. According to some experts, the Tree of Life is that holy tree, which was the reason for Gautam Buddha's spiritual awakening. It is said that the night he left the royalty of Kapilavastu, he meditated under this tree of life and enlightened his mind with the value of spiritual beliefs and knowledge. In some cultures, this tree of life is a representation of a human journey.

If you have ever heard about the hibernation process, you might be aware of the fact that during winters a tree is fully covered with snow and it becomes empty and rough because of the lack of lush green. But then the colorful spring arrives, the tree gets new leaves, fruits, in short, the tree gets its old charm back but with a novelty. Just like that, we humans are also a sucker for comfort and happiness. It is a bit unfortunate that sometimes our lives have some unfortunate moments in store for us. But no matter what happens, you eventually overcome the obstacles and get your happy place back along with some new changes.

 tree of life pendant necklace

As gold religious pendants, the tree of life pendant is also considered as a symbol that is connected with some valuable concepts like:



Core Strength


Individual development

Changes in thoughts and perceptions


Fertility and family growth

Peace and harmony

Calmness and relax

A tree of life pendant is more than just a spiritual symbol. The magnetic aura of a tree of life jewelry lies in this magnificent charm, liveliness, and unyielding spirit. Irrespective of the culture a tree of life has no negative connotations.