Top 5 Kids Religious Jewelry To Gift

Top 5 Kids Religious Jewelry To Gift

Mohammad Barkati ·

Whenever a kid is born in the house, they tend to look up and learn every detail from their parents; be it any ritual, belief, behavior, conversation, or even language. A kid is similar to wet soil, when it fits in the suitable mold it comes out with brilliance and gentility. Wearing religious jewelry is subdued with a deeper meaning and wearing them keeps you close to your faith and deity. As a parent, if you want your child to understand the hidden power of religious jewelry, then it’s best to start the practice from childhood.

Nowadays, people have this typical “ultra-modern” attitude and the magic of spirituality has come up with multiple definitions. But the positive part is the broad-minded nature and awareness of the people that helps the idea of religion and belief to get free from being a subjective matter. The array of giving religious jewelry starts from a kid’s naming ceremony. In most of the culture even before the teeth are seen the fingers, neck, or wrists of the kids are filled with crosses, black threads, or evil eye motifs because mothers’ do believe the bad omen can easily manipulate a baby’s mindset.

For a better perception, let us take an off route and talk about all the cultures where kids or children are gifted religious jewelry for special occasions. In Jewish culture when a young girl hits puberty and enters adolescence, she is blessed with a hamsa hand or Star of David charm, and the festival is called A Bat Mitzvah. They believe the shield of David and the hand of Fatima together protect their child from the wrong paths. Even when relatives get confused about what to gift a kid on his/her birthday, they shop for only a gold necklace chain for kids.

In Catholic Faith also there is a ritual called First Communication. This occurs when the child reaches the age of reason, which is basically near about 7 years old. He/she is gifted with Christian jewelry for kids like Cross pendants, Jesus head pendants, or any other Catholic religious jewelry. They believe the jewelry is going to convey the message of happiness and positivity; it is a direct representative of Lord Jesus. In Baptism also this kind of ritual is not new. Baptists believe in rebirth or reincarnation. They see the reflection of Jesus in a child because as we all know that kids are another representative of God.

But if we look at today’s era, everything is evolving around us; this wouldn’t be an exception. Now people look for fusion options; they want their gifts to be the most unique and loved ones. That is the reason even for a kid’s jewelry there are concoctions between modern trends and religious symbols. So these make the kids' religious jewelry attractive to wear and also it blends perfectly with their casual and school uniforms.

Today’s kids are way too tech-savvy; they are much smarter than us and aware of almost all the trends happening on social media. For that reason, their choices are also witnessing a change. Gone are those times when kids will agree on every word of yours; now they are gonna ask you loads of questions. So if you want to avoid that to make your kids safe from every possible negativity, visit Jewelry America’s assorted range for kids' jewelry.

Gold elephant pendant necklace

Elephants are the sign of strength, determination, and focus. In fact, in many places, elephants are worshipped and considered as a carrier of God’s message. The trumpet of an elephant is a sign of a strong and dominating personality. The innocent eyes of an elephant indicate good luck, prosperity, and humanity. All over, these above fortes are very important for a child to learn. So this year gift him/her a 14k gold elephant pendant necklace. In the pendant, the elephant’s ear has a velvety rhodium finish and it comes with a cable, curb, or Figaro chain.

Gold Elephant Pendant Necklace

Teddy bear pendant

 Without a doubt, this teddy bear pendant is a eureka moment for any parent. Generally, nowadays it’s very hard to answer every question of your kids because you know they are not mature enough to understand your selfless concern. So it’s intelligent to avoid them using this secret weapon to intrigue your kid. The 14k gold teddy bear pendant consists of an evil eye motif in the center and the eyes of the bear are embedded with sparkling full-cut cubic zirconias. The winning combination of black, blue, yellow gold and white is creating absolute magic for all of us.

Teddy Bear Pendant

Bicycle pendant

Change is the only constant. Your life should always be on the wheels of change and evolution. This 14k gold bicycle pendant consists of a simple image of a bicycle. But it has a deeper meaning; it tells your kid about being on an endless way of change and continuity. The change helps your kid to understand life’s perception and eventually makes your kid a better person.

Bicycle Pendant

Two-tone cross necklace

This pendant is the ultimatum for all Catholics. It has the image for the moment of betrayal, which keeps teaching all of us to be kind and loyal. The Two-tone cross necklace features a 14k gold vertical cross, which has trefoil/knot-like edges. On that, the crucifixion of Jesus has a glossy Rhodium finish. The combination will easily attract any kid and also protects him/her from any bad power or energy.

Two-Tone Cross Necklace

Ship wheel pendant

This 14k gold yellow pendant has the shape of a ship wheel. In few cultures, this is considered the path of life. When a ship starts a voyage and appears in the mid-sea, the wind direction decides the right way to reach the destination. So sometimes, you have to go with the flow. Just like when a child is born, he/she is guarded under their parents’ umbrella. But sometimes they have to lead their life by themselves; that would be the time to choose the right path to reach the peak of their careers. So this Ship wheel pendant will be a great jewelry piece to help them out with the difficulties.

Ship Wheel Pendant

From the inception of technology, we have been hassled a lot, because of the sea of options and it’s very common for all of us to lose our ways. That is why we are here to help you out. We believe in creating milestones, but maintaining our culture and values so all our meticulously handcrafted jewelry contains both fashion and deep meaning.