Personalized Religious Jewelry : Charm Pendants and Necklaces

Personalized Religious Jewelry : Charm Pendants and Necklaces

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There is a difference between wearing a pendant of various shapes and wearing a personalized necklace. Often, some people have faith in engraved bar pendants rather than shaped ones and the reason behind it is that the shape has the significance for conveying emotion in general, whereas the engraved bar gives a personalized and sentimental touch. It can commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion remembrance.

The definition of personal differs for everyone, some people want to engrave their initials of the name, and some describe the heart-touching moments of life. For example, some people wear religious cross pendants to feel the presence of God in their life and some mention a special moment of life. Nevertheless, bar pendants refer to the horizontal bar that is linked to a chain.

Let us dive down to understand the types and styles of pendants.

Curved Bar

This style comes with an upward at both ends, and they are longer than the usual bar necklaces. Curved bars are elegant and even customized with the choice.

Engraved Bar

When it comes to engraved bar necklaces, one can put a name or something special on the bar. Also, it depends on your creativity, how you want to design.

Horizontal/Vertical Bar

A classic choice is always the best to consider, and the horizontal/vertical bar is the one. The orientation of the bars is straight and fusion with 3D and double bar patterns.

Religious Bar

In Christianity, religious jewelry is a special reminder of the faith in God. Thus, wearing a religious pendant will keep you close to your God.

Eventually, exploring for the apt jewelry is somehow a perplexing business. At Jewelry America, we help you in finding the best charm pendants and necklaces or personalized religious jewelry out of our latest collection. For that, we have listed four pieces of jewelry to soothe your soul.

14k Gold Personalized Bar Necklace

14k Gold Personalized Bar Necklace

A personalized gift from a loved one is always close to your heart, and if it is in the form of Gold, it would strengthen the relationship between you two. Gold represents love, illumination, and compassion, and wearing it as a necklace embellishes the slender neckline area. The handmade solid gold engravable bar pendant comes with a Rolo chain elegantly attached in a spring clasp pattern. Best for those who love the minimal design on the necklace and engraving beautiful moments of life on the pendant The 14k Gold Personalized Bar Necklace is available in yellow gold.

Yellow gold bar necklace

Yellow Gold Bar Necklace

If you love a single pendant styling, then you must go with Horizontal Bar Charm Pendant. The Yellow gold bar necklace assures a wide-area to engrave the name, numericals, calligraphy or a special note. This pendant has a Figaro chain-linked in an elongated way, where at every fourth intersection, there is an apart pattern setting. It is perfectly attached with the necklace in lobster claw style. This pendant is solid and durable and a perfect gift for anyone. It is available in white and gold colors.

White gold bar necklace

White Gold Bar Necklace

How about only having a pendant and blend it with any chain from your jewelry collection? The handmade solid gold engravable bar charm pendant combines with chains or bracelets for daily wearing. The pendant is finely handcrafted in 14k white gold giving the message of peace and purity to the wearer. This White gold bar necklace mesmerizing charm of the pendant would adorn the beauty of your loved one in an awe-striking way and available in white gold color.

Catholic cross bar necklace

Catholic Cross Bar Necklace

There is a high significance of the cross among Christians as it is believed to keep you closer to God, and he will shower his blessing on you. The cross in the pendant is embedded perfectly on the left side of the horizontal bar. The pendant is attached in a spring clasp pattern with a Rolo chain. The Catholic cross bar necklace is comfortable to wear with any attire and available in yellow gold metal type. 

Rose Gold Vertical Bar Necklace

Rose Gold Vertical Bar necklace

This Rose Gold Vertical Bar Necklace features a glossy and eloquent thick vertical bar, which could be easily engraved by your chosen initials, texts, numbers, or calligraphies. This personalized vertical bar necklace comes with a chain that is adjustable from 16inches to 18inches. This necklace comes with a dainty rolo chain and a strong spring clasp so that you don’t need to worry about security.

Evil Eye Gold Bracelet

Evil Eye Gold Bracelet

This Evil Eye Gold Bracelet is an amalgamation of religion and trends. The chain bracelet features a vertical bar in the middle. At one side there is a hamsa hand hanging whose middle part is engraved with an evil eye. This engravable bracelet is available with a figaro chain. The hamsa hand with evil eye symbol is worldwide used to be safe from negative energies.

Vertical Bar Pendant Necklace

Vertical Bar Pendant Necklace

Get the essence of personalization in your wardrobe with this fashionable vertical bar pendant. This Vertical Bar Pendant Necklace comes with a dainty gold chain. In the vertical plate hanging from the chain, you can engraved your favorite text, numbers, or calligraphies. 

The necklaces are adorned using pendants, and together they make a masterpiece. We have suggested pendants and necklaces that would catch the limelight and be ready to wear with any attire. We hope you liked the collection, and feel free to share your opinion by commenting down below. If you want to look for some extensive luxury and religious jewelry collection, you can visit the Jewelry America official website