Significance of Evil Eye and Hamsa Jewelry

Significance of Evil Eye and Hamsa Jewelry

Mohammad Barkati ·

Since the Paleolithic era, human civilization has seen the usage of evil eye jewelry. The symbol is vastly used in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities, but in the current scenario, this religious symbol has been incorporated into almost everyone's daily fashion. In so many cultures people believed that receiving a normal evil eye pendant can cause bad luck or misfortune. So to prevent the bad omen the jewelers started implementing this symbol in gold-plated jewelry. The evil eye is a curse that was believed to be given by a malicious glare to any ignorant person. This terminology is called by several names in several regions; for example Mauvis Oeli in France, Böse Blick in Germany, Ayin hasad in Arabic, Pasternak in Armenian, mal de ojo in Spanish, and many more.

What is evil eye jewelry?

The evil eye symbol is one of the strongest symbols in this whole world. Though it has different interpretations in various cultures the core meaning and value remains unchanged. This symbol is predicted as an unpleasant message of the upcoming pain, bad luck, or negativities in life. This symbol was a clear indication that the person is willing to harm the wearer in several ways. This evil eye symbol is believed to give a little push to any kind of act that can bring misfortune.

According to history in ancient Rome and Greece were the places where these symbols were widely popular. It is said that the evil eye is an open threat to someone who is going through a prosperous phase of his/her life. But some people say the God of the Almighty power is punishing the person who contains an egoistic nature due to their achievements; this punishment teaches them to stay humble and down-to-earth. In the 26th edition of the book "Shahi Muslim", the Prophet Muhammad suggested taking a holy bath in order to offset the influence of the evil eye. Also, people in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Central America take this sign very seriously.

In Islamic culture, people believe excessive achievement or extra praise can make some of your surroundings envious, which results in a bad omen. Jewish people believe that if anything is making your week or maybe you have the fear of falling into the trap of the evil eye then you repeat the phrase "Ken aynhoreh!", which means "no evil eyes".

What do evil eye amulets symbolize ?

The evil eye amulet promises to keep you safe and secure from the grip of a bad omen. This religious symbol could be a great support if you are struggling in your career and maybe getting a lot of praise for your skill. In some families when a child is born the parents tend to tie an evil eye pendant or bracelet so that the kid can easily avoid all the bad energies.

In fact, most recently celebrities like Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, and Zayn Mallik were spotted with a piece of evil eye jewelry. So, Jewelry America is here presenting a huge range of evil eye jewelry, that will amp up your fashion sense and also guard your negative powers. 

Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

This gold evil eye bracelet features a 14k solid gold chain bracelet. The monochrome of the bracelet is subtly interrupted by dangling blue evil eyes. The portrayal of the evil eye features a blue circle and in the center there is an eye motif that embodies magical power to protect you from the negativities. The classic combination of spirituality and sensuality make the 14k yellow gold bracelet exceptional


Evil Eye Necklace

The evil eye necklace binds the spiritual power around your neckline. This 14k gold necklace features just the shape of a blue evil eye motif. The thick outline of the pendant features glittering cubic zirconias. The luminous evil eye creates a shield that refracts the so-called bad omens. 

Evil Eye and Cross Bracelet

Contrast and collision could also be thoughts and perception; the prime example of this would be our specially handcrafted evil eye and cross bracelet. This yellow gold evil eye bracelet features a gold bracelet that has minutely detailed artwork; and in the center there is an engravable plate, where you can customize with texts, numbers or calligraphies. This chain bracelet with a lobster clasp features an evil eye motif along with a typical Christian cross; both of these symbols are bestowed with divine magic. 

 Blue Evil Eye Necklace

The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and protection. This blue evil eye necklace features a horseshoe shaped pendant that is studded with white cubic zirconias. The center of this pendant is engraved with an evil eye motif.

Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Pendant

The hamsa hand or the hand of fatima is considered as the hand of God; a hand that blesses us with strength, courage and positivity. This hamsa hand evil eye pendant features the picturization of the hand of fatima, that is engraved with detailed artistry. The center features a hollow shape of a golden evil eye. 


Evil Eye Stud Earrings

The evil eye stud earrings feature the picturization of a zirconia studded hand of fatima, which is basically obeyed as the hand of God, that blesses people with prosperity, health and wealth. The center of the earrings features the famous Nazar or evil eye motif. These ear studs come with strong screw backings.