6 Religious Jewelry Pieces to Express Your Personality

6 Religious Jewelry Pieces to Express Your Personality

Mohammad Barkati ·

You never really get a second chance to reform your first impression, and the irony is your first impression is never satisfactory. Be it a date, wedding, proposal, interview, social events, or any other thing your costume, tone, pitch, jewelry, lifestyle, eating habits,-in short every single thing decides about your personality. Well, talking about expressing personality, what could be the oldest and easiest way for this persona-adornment? Of course, religious jewelry! Because we wear what we choose and our choices depict what kind of a person we are.

Religion has always been a personal agenda; everyone has their way to serve the Almighty. But ever have you wondered why gold has been the most integral metal in religious jewelry? Because Gold beckons the traditional charm. Without indicating wealth, stability, comfort, and luxury, 14k gold pendants also embrace the idea of love, fondness, firmness, and wisdom.

While discussing expressing personalities with jewelry, let’s take a quick tour and see what are the types of personalities, we get to see when anyone wears Religious gold pendants. So if you also can relate yourself or any of you known person to the above categories and want to further address your personality with your style, here is a list of Gold Christian pendants that Jewelry America has for you.

The Minimalist

Did someone want it simple and versatile? That must be the minimalists. So these people look for a simple and grounded look. Too much sparkle and extravagance is something that they hate to wear. For example, subtle and decent gold religious pendants or may be a zodiac sign necklace, are what this group of people prefers to wear because they believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Taurus is considered as one of the most self-obsessed and stubborn people in the zodiac wheel. But they are pretty energetic, caring, sentimental, and sometimes emotional also. In Jewelry America, we have the option for zodiac jewelry also. In case you don’t wanna use any metaphor to predict your nature, we have got your back with this meticulously handcrafted Taurus pendant.

Taurus Pendant

The Elegant

The elegant people look for old and suave colors, which will depict their class and status. Generally, people from the so-called corporate and sophisticated background are keener to adopt this kind of fashion. Elegance is all about wrapping yourself with a foil of honesty, modesty, and satisfaction. This 14k gold Orthodox cross pendant adds a remarkable charm to your attire. The decency of the cross speaks about the importance of knowing our culture and tradition. This cross is outlined with sparkling cubic zirconias and the yellow gold cross has a satin and smooth finish.

Orthodox Cross Pendant

The artists

Looks for intellectual and artistic pieces like a pristine Jesus head pendant. This 14k gold Jesus head pendant has a suave color contrast. Rather than that also if you look at the detailed texture minutely, you will understand how wrong it could be to refuse such a magical ornament. The pendant features just the head of Jesus, but to look at the bigger picture it’s important to understand the meaning. Jesus is a portrayal of love, loyalty, kindness, and affection. So this pendant is a messenger to the human society to eliminate all the fakeness, envy, and ego and be polite to each, be happy for each other.

Jesus Head Pendant

The luxury lover

Admirer of expensive pieces, like a vibrant Tut charm pendant. This Pharaoh pendant is perfect for “luxury lovers”. Since the inception of Egyptian civilization, the celebrated Pharaoh Tutankhamen has adored the idea of opulence, show off, and comfort. The head of Tutankhamen has a smooth and velvety finish. If you check the history you can see that Egyptian royalty had access to all the expensive gemstones because they believe these things will make their afterlife easier.

   Pharaoh Pendants

The fun loving people

Prefers vibrant “happy-go-lucky” color combination, like a holy and pure virgin mary pendant. The Virgin mary pendant has deeper meaning or spiritualism. But if you consider the fashion angle, this is completely ideal for the minimalists. This 14k Virgin Mary pendant has so many elements engraved on it, that anything else might overpower the essence of individuality. This 14k yellow gold pendant features the Holy Mary opening her arms and engraved with “O MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE”. The twelve stars at the back describe the 12 Apostles. The two hearts also represent the Immaculate and sacred heart. This pendant is all about expressing the authenticity of Christianity.

 Virgin Mary Pendant

The eye-catcher

“No matter what anyone wears the spotlight should be on me,” maybe a guardian angel necklace. The Guardian Angel Pendant is a secret weapon for the “eye-catchers”. In the world of religious jewelry, this golden pendant has the place of an “innocent” princess. The pendant is engraved with a motif of a baby with fairy wings, which eventually describes the thought of an angel. An angel is the messenger of love, kindness. This pendant is a valuable medium if you even want to establish a personal connection with God. The contrast of the pendant depicts a certain kind of modesty.

Guardian Angel Pendant

Identifying personalities is a highly complex issue, but gold religious jewelry is just a tool, which makes the process much conventional. Even if you minutely think about the kind of design or style, we tend to adopt, we get to meet ourselves in a better way. For example: if you enjoy tribal fashion or maybe vibrant hoop earrings, you are the “funky” one in the group. But on the other side if you always choose colors like black, white, silver or navy blue, then you must be an admirer of sophisticated corporate style.